PROMOTioN HVDC Technical Panel @ 2018 CIGRE Paris

In order to accommodate the growth of renewable energy sources into the market, HVDC with its ability to carry

bulk power over long distances and its dynamic controllability is one of key technologies to enable the transition

to a greener and smarter energy sector. The development of Voltage Source Converters (VSCs) based on

HVDC gives full control over active and reactive power, allowing connection to offshore wind or weak networks.

The fixed voltage polarity also allows converters to be readily connected in parallel, making multi-terminal

networks feasible. This facilitates the development of meshed DC networks, rather than a number of point-topoint


Event Details


2018 CIGRE Paris session
Le Palais des Congrès de Paris Room 242B

Several projects have been proceeding in order to implement future HVDC grids. A current one is the EU
funded research project named PROMOTioN (Progress on Meshed Offshore HVDC Transmission Networks), in
which 33 European stakeholders are participating.
One of the goals of the PROMOTioN is to demonstrate a practical HVDC protection with HVDC circuit breakers
considering technical feasibility and economic aspects. The performance of HVDC circuit breakers with different
technologies will be demonstrated in the project.
The proposed CIGRE-PROMOTioN technical panel will update and exchange the information on state-of-the-art
HVDC circuit breakers applied in various international projects and discuss the necessity of further actions in

HVDC circuit breakers, recent development and demonstration

Preferential subjects of technical panel:

1) The requirements of HVDC circuit breakers in future meshed DC grids.
2) State-of-the-art of HVDC circuit breaker development, testing and field demonstration


The panel will take place during 2018 CIGRE Paris session.


Le Palais des Congrès de Paris,

Room 242B,

Paris, France.