PROMOTioN's Digital Capstone Event, 08/24/20  - 09/21/20

Breakout Session 4: Offshore Grid Planning

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The final Breakout Session places the overall findings of PROMOTioN into a greater context, giving strategic directions to take to achieve energy evacuation at reasonable cost and with optimal performance in the Northern Seas. The key objective was to produce a Deployment Plan for future European offshore grid development. This plan clearly defines all required technical, regulatory, economic, financial, legal, governmental and market actions prerequisite for such an endeavour. It highlights the most efficient directions for investment and grid design, and highights short term projects that may be utilised to shortcut technical development and test legal & regulatory and market models for a new grid.

This week the Live Q&A will be joined by two guest speakers, Alexander Helmedag (Amprion) as well as Gert van Cauwenbergh (Elia), who will outline their respective perspectives and together with our PROMOTioN experts provide a triangle of visions on future grid developments.

KEYWORDS: Generation Scenarios | Topology Development | Short Term Projects | Societal Cost Benefit Analysis | Deployment Plan

CHAIR: John Moore, TenneT
Guest Speakers: Gert van Cauwenbergh, Elia; Alexander Helmedag, Amprion


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