PROMOTioN's Digital Capstone Event, 08/24/20  - 09/21/20

Breakout Session 2: HVDC Technology Qualification

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The research done here provided test environments for HVDC circuit breakers as well as dynamic black-box models for the different technologies as applied by the project partners. It demonstrated the operation of the DC grid protection systems developed in PROMOTioN using hardware in the loop real-time methods, circuit breaker and GIS performance demonstrations as well as the interoperability of different converter technologies and control objectives in different grid topologies.

KEYWORDS: DC circuit breaker | DC GIS | grid protection | OWF control compliance

CHAIR: Ian Cowan, SSE

HVDC Grid Technology Qualification: HVDC Circuit Breaker Testing - Nadew Belda, René Smeets
Status and future development of mechanical DC CB with active current injection - Takashi Inagaki

SCiBreak VARC DC CB - Simon Nee
Technical Challenges of implementing HVDC grid
- Arman Hassanpoor

Introduction to WP9 - Ian Cowan
Testing Proceedures and guidelines of DC grid protection - Marjan Popov
Demonstration of non-selective fault clearing strategies for meshed HVDC networks - William Leon Garcia
Demonstration of Partially and Fully Selective DC Grid Protection Strategies - Ian Cowan

Introduction - Philipp Ruffing
MMC Test Bench Demo
- Philipp Ruffing
DRU-connected & Grid-Forming WPP
- Ramon Blasco-Gimenez
Stability Assessment in offshore networks - Yongtao Yang
- Philipp Ruffing

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