The PROMOTioN project shows a vast variety of interdisciplinary objectives which are to be met, in order to unlock the full potential of Europe’s offshore resources.


Based on the broad range of challenges involved, the PROMOTioN project partners set themselves a number of fundamental, non-negotiable goals that must be achieved. These goals are:

  • To identify technical requirements and investigate possible topologies for meshed HVAC/DC offshore grids
  • To develop protection components and schemes for offshore grids
  • To establish interoperability of components and initiate standardisation
  • To develop recommendations for a coherent EU and national regulatory framework regarding DC offshore grids
  • To develop recommendations for financing mechanisms for offshore grid infrastructure deployment
  • To demonstrate cost-effective offshore HVDC equipment
  • To develop deployment plans for HVDC grid implementation



As indicated in the figure below, the challenges facing deployment of meshed offshore HVDC grids in the European Union are manifold and encompass a variety of different aspects. For the PROMOTioN project, the following challenges have been identified:

  • Cost effective and reliable converter technology
  • Grid protection systems
  • Financial framework for infrastructure development
  • Regulations for deployment and operation
  • Agreement between manufacturers, developers and grid operators
Image shows: Overview of Basic challenges for deployment of meshed offshore HDVD grid
Basic challenges for deployment of meshed offshore HDVD grid