PROMOTioN Testimonials


„There is great potential in the Northern Seas to deliver significant quantities of clean energy” Marie Donnelly (DG Energy - European Commission)

„Combining new HVDC technologies within present systems is instrumental in bringing large scale renewables into the grid” Elisabeth Harstad (CEO DNV GL – Energy)

„An offshore grid in the North Sea could become a flagship project for regional cooperation” Marie Donnelly (DG Energy - European Commission)

Event Recap: PROMOTioN Event @ Offshore Wind Energy 2017 in London

On 7 June 2017, PROMOTioN the first stakeholder event this year. Alongside Offshore Wind Energy 2017 in London, attendees from industry, national regulatory bodies, investors, wind farm developers and academia received insights into preliminary project findings from different work packages.

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Test environment for HVDC circuit breakers (WP5)

 (High-voltage DC circuit breakers (DCCB) are considered to be a key element of a future meshed HVDC grid but are fundamentally different from the well-known AC circuit breaker. Due to the absence of natural current zeros in DC grids, the DCCB must artificially create a current zero as well as dissipate the magnetic energy stored in the DC grid. The DCCB is a system itself, in which the current is sequentially passed through various parallel paths with separate functions. Modules are connected in series to achieve the desired voltage rating...

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Deliverable 1.6: Draft roadmap and reference offshore grid expansion plan

Deliverable 1.6 develops a draft offshore grid expansion roadmap for the evacuation of offshore wind energy from the North Sea during the decade 2020-2030. It also studies the economic viability of HVDC offshore meshed grids by comparing their costs and benefits with radial point-to-point connections of offshore wind farms.

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The development of meshed offshore grids: establishing the ''rules of the game'' (WP7)

The development of a cross-border meshed offshore grid requires legal and regulatory certainty. Offshore grid developers need to be able to assess whether their investments will be recovered at an adequate return for the risks involved. As the focus of European regulation so far has been on the cross-border development of point-to-point interconnectors, the development of a cross border offshore grid requires a tailor-made regulatory framework. Such a framework involves a variety of legal, economic and financial elements...

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The German-Dutch transmission grid operator TenneT announced on 17 July 2017 that Siemens was awarded to build the offshore grid connection DolWin6 to...

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TenneT and GE have reached a major milestone with the successful installation of the DolWin3 offshore converter station in the south-western German...

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Protection of DC grids is seen as one of the major challenges to be resolved before the full integration of large scale DC and AC grids can be...

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