ONLINE EVENT: Demonstration of DC Grid Protection

Within the PROMOTioN project there have been many developments in: HVDC protection strategy and protection algorithm design (Work Package [WP] 4); HVDC protection IED development and test (WP4 towards WP9); and modelling and testing of HVDC circuit breakers (WP5, WP6 and WP10).

The aim of WP9 is to validate the correct operation and performance of protection strategies designed in WP4, with representative HVDC circuit breaker models from WP6, in a realistic HVDC network and with prototype hardware protection IEDs. Whilst the protection strategies have been studied in detail in offline simulation, and the protection IEDs have been tested independently, the key contribution of WP9 is to test all of the elements together in system-level tests in order to validate the correct operation of the protection system as a whole.

Originally this was planned as a physical demonstration event at the beginning of May, but due to COVID-19 measures this was not possible. This webinar was an opportunity to share progress from WP9 across the topics detailed below. Please find below links to the slides, a recording of the presentation and a summary of the Q&A from the live event.

Recorded presentation, slides and a Q&A summary can be found here:

Agenda of the day:

* Context
- Introduction to PROMOTioN
- Work Package 9

* Test objects

* Testing and Results
- Models used
- KPIs
- Partially and fully selective results
- Multivendor results

* Discussions / Q&A