ONLINE EVENT: Harmonization of HVDC systems

WP11 Workshop on best practices and potential for standardization.

The purpose of PROMOTioN WP11 is to support harmonization of the industry’s best practices, standards and grid codes. The idea is to ensure that the many findings from the technical work packages in PROMOTioN are utilised in standards and other harmonization documents.
The final WP11 workshop was held online in two parts 17/6 and 19/6. Standardization groups and grid operators working with HVDC systems were invited to discuss PROMOTioN findings with focus on potential for application of the findings in standards and grid codes. Each part of the workshop had more than 90 participants from industry, grid operation and academia.
Links to presentation slides and video recordings of both parts are available below:

Part 1: HVDC switchgear and protection systems
•    Introduction to workshop part 1
Poul Sørensen, DTU

•    HVDC Protection Systems - Towards Harmonisation
Geraint Chaffey, KU Leuven
•    Development of circuit breaker standards 
Rene Smeets, KEMA
•    Harmonization of GIS 
Uwe Riechert, ABB & Hong He, Kema
•    Cable systems for HVDC power transmission 
Hong He, Kema
•    HVDC Standardisation Activities of TC17/SC17A/SC17C
Mark Waldron, National Grid
•    Landscape of HVDC Grids Standardization in IEC 
Kyoichi Uehara, Toshiba
•    Video recording Part 1: HVDC switchgear and protection systems

Part 2: HVDC systems control and grid codes
•    Introduction to workshop part 2
Poul Sørensen, DTU
•    Harmonisation of grid code requirements for HVDC systems
Christina Brantl, RWTH
•    Grid code compliance evaluation
Benjamin Marshall, SSE
•    Multi-frequency stability
Lukasz Kocewiak, Ørsted
•    Grid forming converters for Black Start
Ramon Blasco-Gimenez, UP Valencia & Nicolaos Cutululis, DTU
•    HVDC, R&I activities towards harmonization
Norela Constantinescu, ENTSO-E
•    Enabling Multi-Vendor Systems by International Standardization of functional Requirements
Marcus Zeller & Frank Schettler, Siemens
•    Video recording Part 2: HVDC systems control and grid codes