ONLINE EVENT: HVDC Grid Protection System Demonstration – Interoperability, Primary and Back-up Protection

Join the PROMOTioN team for a live HVDC grid protection system demonstration on Wednesday the 9th September 2020. The demonstration will be conducted as a virtual event.

Integral to the development of the meshed offshore grid is the ability to protect it in such a way to isolate faults while retaining as much transfer capability as possible. Recently, standalone HVDC protection relays or intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), essential for selective DC line protection, are under development by various industrial vendors and research institutes. To increase the technology readiness level, improve confidence in the maturity of the technology and show that it is in principle ready for real-world application, PROMOTioN will demonstrate the IED performance. To this end, fully hardware implemented IED prototypes will be tested against realistic HVDC grid models being run in a real-time simulation environment.

You can find more on the Technical Details here (.pdf 0.5MB)


13:00 Event begins
Presentation: Welcome on behalf of PROMOTioN
Cornelis Plet, DNV GL, PROMOTioN Project Coordinator
Presentation: How to protect a DC grid?
Dirk van Hertem, KU Leuven, PROMOTioN Work Package 4 Leader
Presentation: What are DCCBs?
Dragan Jovcic, University of Aberdeen, PROMOTioN Work Package 6 Leader
Presentation: Why is this demonstration important?
Ian Cowan, The National HVDC Centre, PROMOTioN Work Package 9 Leader
Presentation: What is the test setup?
Habib Rahman, The National HVDC Centre
Presentation: What is the PROMOTioN IED?
Ilka Jahn, KTH
Presentation: What is the MELCO IED?
Frederick Page, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
14.05 Break – Time to explore the Exhibition
14.15 Presentation: What will the results be?
Geraint Chaffey, KU Leuven
Demonstration: Operation primary protection using test IEDs with test system
Demonstration: Operation of backup protection using test IEDs with test system
Demonstration: Operation of primary protection using test IEDS with replica HVDC control and protection cubicles from real project
Presentation: Overview of complete results
Geraint Chaffey, KU Leuven
Summary and Q&A
15.30 End of Event