ONLINE EVENT: Lab Bench Demonstration of the Control and Protection of Multi Terminal HVDC Grids

The large-scale integration of offshore wind power plants with multi-terminal HVDC grids requires novel approaches of controlling and protecting HVDC grids and their converters compared to current point-to-point connections.

MMC Test Bench Lab at the RWTH Aachen University (C) 2020, Martin Braun

Thus, a core objective of the PROMOTioN project is the investigation and demonstration of the operation and control of HVDC networks as well as their interactions with offshore wind power plants. In a first phase, PROMOTioN analysed the challenges associated with the control and protection of future MTDC networks and the connected offshore wind power plants in simulation-based investigations and developed respective control and protection concepts. To bring the developed concepts closer to realisation, the developed concepts have now been demonstrated using a laboratory-scaled multi-terminal DC grid demonstrator – the MMC Test Bench – in a power-hardware-in-the-loop environment at RWTH Aachen University.

During an online demonstration event 23 June 2020 in Aachen, Germany, the following demonstrated application cases were presented:

1.    Offshore wind farm integration using MTDC networks
Demonstration of the operation of an MTDC network connecting offshore wind farms to shore using a power-hardware-in-the-loop
2.    Fault Clearing in HVDC Networks
Demonstration of DC-side fault clearing using (full-bridge based) fault-blocking converters and fault clearing in DC-links connected via DC-bypass using DC circuit breakers and the PROMOTioN protection IED
3.    MMC Impedance Derivation

WP16 - MMC TestBench Demo Eevent 23 June 2020 (.pdf, 7.66 MB)

A recording of the demonstration event is available here (external link).