ONLINE EVENT: Live demonstration of 80 kV VSC assisted resonant current HVDC circuit breaker

On August 19 2020, our colleagues at KEMA broadcast web-based performance verification tests on a three-module SCiBreak VARC HVDC circuit breaker prototype to demonstrate maturity and technology readiness level for the application in meshed offshore HVDC grids.

An example layout of a 320 kV VARC dc circuit breaker, with a residual current switch, an auxiliary power system and a large current limiting reactor. (c) KEMA Labs 2020


HVDC circuit breakers are believed to play an important role in realizing high availability and low losses in multi-terminal HVDC grids. Several technology concepts have been developed by manufacturers, but thus far no HVDC circuit breakers have been installed in Europe and hence operational experience is limited.
In order to increase the technology readiness level, improve confidence in the maturity of the technology and show that it is in principle ready for real-world application, PROMOTioN will demonstrate the most critical requirement: the DC fault current interruption performance. To this end, performance verification tests will be demonstrated on a three-module SCiBreak VARC HVDC circuit breaker prototype in the accredited independent KEMA high-power test laboratory, Arnhem, the Netherlands.