Pre-Conference Breakout Sessions concluding

Over the course of the past 4 weeks we presented the work done in PROMOTioN in 4 Breakout Sessions. Hours of presentations and videos were prepared by our partners, taking our viewers to a deep dive into the detailed research conducted on Meshed HVDC Offshore grids over the course of the project. The associated live Q&A webinar gave the audience an opportunity to engage directly with our experts.

With the Final Conference Day and the last Breakout Session concluding on 18th September, it is time to wrap up.

The year 2020 was dominated in all respects by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, globally impacting public and private affairs on a unprecedented scale. This was and still is especially true for large public events like conferences.

We were right in the middle of planning a Final Conference to celebrate 4.5years of ground-breaking research and share the results and recommendations coming out of it. When it became apparent that a physical meeting will not be feasible in 2020, our challenge was how to make these materials still accessible for an interested audience, while still giving them an opprtunity to engage with our experts. The answer to this you can find in our virtual Breakout Sessions, conducted from 31st August - 18th September 2020.

Instead of inviting our audience to a central location, we recorded more than 60 presentations for this occasion, creating hours of videos that take a close look at the detailed research conducted in PROMOTioN over the years and provide valuable insights into how a meshed European Offshore Grid could be realized.

The material created for this will remain online for future viewing and research, you can find the respective sessions sorted by topic on this page, featuring the pre-recorded presentaions as well as a recording of their respective live Q&A sessions: