WE HAVE A VISION: PROMOTioN's Roadmap for Meshed Offshore Grid Development

The PROMOTioN programme (Progress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks) has advanced the HVDC technology required to design, build, operate and protect meshed HVDC transmission grids, namely HVDC grid and converter control systems, direct current circuit breakers (DCCBs), HVDC grid protection systems and HVDC Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS). Alongside this, recommendations have been developed for the legal & governance frameworks needed for a meshed offshore grid (MOG), the necessary economic and financial rules required to attract sufficient investment and fairly remunerate owners, operators and users of the grid, and the market and governmental actions necessary to facilitate an ordered roll-out.

This document, Deliverable 12.4 - Final Deployment Plan, brings together these findings and recommendations into a roadmap to 2050, describing the steps required to develop an offshore grid capable of integrating offshore wind farms and evacuating large quantities of wind energy to shore, as well as providing interconnection between countries bounding the North Seas, and providing onshore AC grid reinforcements by means of offshore DC connections. The aim of this document is to translate these recommendations into practical and executable next steps for the European Commission and other stakeholders to overcome barriers and advance the deployment of a MOG.

This document includes an overview of the development of possible MOG configurations, pinpointing key grid development characteristics in each time period. It then summarises the key recommendations for all technical and non-technical aspects of a MOG and finally assigns these to stakeholder groups. This document concludes with a roadmap, which provides an overview of recommendations and when they need.

The full document can be accessed here (.PDF 7.8MB)